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Bhawana CAN : CEO’s Five Year Plan

Bhawana Ghimire, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN) since taking the office, has been winning hearts of Nepalese cricket fans with her promising endeavors.

During her reign as CAN’s executive head, Nepal organized Philip Hughes Tribute match and signed a record breaking sponsorship deal with Nepal Telecom among many others achievements.

Scroll through her facebook page of 10,000 likes and one will see several comments that congratulate her for her fantastic job so far and associate her name as hope for Nepal cricket.

“You are doing a great job, keep it up. If you had been involved with Nepal Cricket some 4 years back the scenario would have been lot better”, reads one of the comments on her page.

Her twitter handle @BhawanaCAN reflects hope in itself. While Nepalese cricket fans often mock CAN(Cricket Association of Nepal) as CAN’T but the day Bhawana changed her handle from @Bhawan999 to @BhawanaCAN it resonated surprisingly well with cricket fans. “After your arrival I have felt a lot of positiveness in CAN, Yes you CAN”, reads one of the replies when she reveled the apt change in her twitter handle.

She is very close to fans through social media often making bold statements that reverberate well with the fans. Right after Nepal was stripped off hosting the World Cup Qualifier Bhawana, “The rapid upgrading of TU ground is not just targeted for WCL. Lets now talk about big domestic leagues. We can do it! #BePositive” (translated) which resonated well among the cricket fans as they poured in with supportive replies. “Only you can do it”, reads one of those replies.

Bhawana has now purposed a 5 year plan which if implemented can completely overhaul the current state of cricket in Nepal. The plan with its seven goals has incorporated several ideas to re-brand Nepal’s domestic cricket and make cricket self – sustainable. The plan includes innovative plans like “Long Terms Players Path” . The 66 page page draft includes outlines for developing players, infrastructures, and officials, and handling media and sponsors.

One of the highlights of the draft is it has put special emphasis on making the report gender neutral and giving women cricket the same space as men.

The plan was submitted to Cricket Association of Nepal 4 months and awaiting approval.
The CEO has called for suggestions on the proposal. You can get a copy of the five year plan here.

FIVE Year Strategic Plan