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CAN extends CEO’s contract for three months

Kathmandu- After a long dispute over board members of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), CAN has finally extended CEO, Bhanwana Ghimire’s contract for three months. CAN also gave three more months continuation to Finance Manager, Prakash Maharjan’s contract.

Bhawana’s contract expired on April 13. She had had a good success in her six months tenure as CAN’s CEO. She was hailed by the local media, Nepal cricket fans, and the ICC for successfully organizing Phillip Huges tribute match. Her other effort for CAN includes a record sponsorship deal worth NRS 15 million each year with Nepal Telecom and central contract offered to senior players.

However, CAN’s board members were not satisfied wit her after she declined them in decision makings. They often criticized her for having complained about CAN officials in the ICC.

CAN’s acting president Dipak Koirala said that only few member were positive on extending Bhawana’s contract.”Only a few members were positive on extending her contract. She has done a lot of good works and we cannot deny that. Also, we have been closely watched by the ICC and we cannot let this post go vacant,” said Koirala.

Meanwhile, CAN also decided to hire Cricket Operations Manager and Development Officer in nine cricket development regions. CAN is all set to hold its general assembly meeting on May 13 to finalize on things such as the the fix tenure of the paid administrators including CEO and Finance Manager.