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Delay in Biratnagar vs Kathmandu match after a protest from players

Nepal T20 League

A strange thing happened in the first match of the Nepal T20 League on Tuesday. The players and officials refused to go to the toss before the match. As per the scheduled time, the toss should be at 8:30 am.

However, the match is still doubtful (till 10:00 ground time). As per the source, Players are yet to get their salaries. The agreement states that 40% of the payment is due before the start of the game and 60% is due throughout the competition; however, the players have not yet received any money.

Seven-three sports head Jatin Ahluwalia is out of touch. Moreover, Far West United, Biratnagar Super Kings and Janakpur Royals’ owners are contactless.

This brings a huge question mark regarding the inaugural edition of the Nepal T20 League, as many critics are rising, and also there are many suspects of spot-fixing.