Improve Temperament; Win Every Battle

“With great power come great responsibilities.” It was ok till this point but the things must be changed soon. We will be playing world cup qualifiers in less than a month time which is a dream Nepali cricket team and over 2.5 core people has dreamed together of, and when it’s in front of them they need to grab it with both hands. In sports those who don’t justice the talent they posses are criminals, looks like Nepali batsman are making a crime over a year or so. Taking the statistics of 2013 only Nepal’s average score in 50 over match is just 216-6, In ICC t20 world cup qualifiers in UAE a month earlier Nepal averages 124-5 also Subash Khakurel was the top scorer for Nepal with 234 runs at a strike rate less than hundred which clearly symbolizes how batting has struggled over a year or so.

There is something missing in Nepali batting camp but what that is? Is it talent or technique? Well, I don’t think so; Nepali batsman looked more skillful than any other in UAE. It must be the temperament to soak up the pressure to build the inning. If you look at the recent records almost all batsman have got a reasonable start but hardly anyone of them has converted it to big score. A batsman losing his wicket to a good ball when playing a proper cricketing shot is understandable but throwing their wicket playing a false shot is what that indicates players are not strong mentally. Also, Cricket isn’t all about hitting fours and sixes, Singles and doubles are what you must be looking at as a batsman when boundaries are hard to come by. Even the greatest batsman can’t deny the fact that running between the wickets is the best way to release the pressure that has been put on you by the opposition. The great Sachin Tendulkar has scored almost half of his runs (49.88%) running between the wickets.

“Talent may not pay you everyday but experience always does.”  There is hardly any experience in the team as some of the senior players like Binod Das and Mahaboob Alam are missing from the squad. In this sort of situation someone like Paras and Sharad will have to step forward and lead from the front. As a perfect combination has a significant role to play, Mahesh Chettri, one of the experienced guy in the team, must be in the playing XI. Team can afford to play with 7+4 combination with Paras being a fifth bowler but 6+5 will be the best. I won’t be really surprised if Mahesh and Anil opens with Paras, Gyanendra, Binod, and Sharad to follow in the batting line up. But until and unless anyone from the top 5 steps forward in each match it is hard to believe Nepal belongs to the global stage. Nevertheless, be temperamentally strong you will be able to get every milestones.