We Want New CAN, We Want Change: Khadka

Cricketers to boycott all cricket demanding new management
Kathmandu-The entire Nepal Squad of 16 players have formally announced that they would boycott all domestic and international cricket unless a new management is chosen over the current Cricket Association of Nepal, citing several problems with the present management. “We don’t want such futile set up managing our Cricket. We want new CAN”, demanded Nepali skipper Paras Khadka calling CAN “corrupt” and “Careless” in a press conference held today at Hotel Crowne Plaza.

The 16 players include all 14 players who participated in The T20 World Cup. Khadka elaborated a long list of issues with CAN and also pointed out they would not deviate from their step unless all the issues are solved. With this the 18 players will not participle in the ongoing Pepsi Standard Chartered One Day Tournament. If the boycott continues, the team will likely miss the ACC Premier Tournament.

“The players have not received their salaries and camp allowances for last eight months. Despite ICC providing USD 250,000 to Nepal Cricket, (ir)responsible members of CAN reason lack of money”, Khadka started with the long list of issues. “We made a similar move 4 years back but withdrew from it expecting change. We now feel that we made a mistake”, said Khadka.

“This was not a spur of a moment decision. For last two weeks we have been in serious discussion with CAN. Like always we requested CAN for a change-they all agree on words but they turn reluctant when we ask for a written commitment”, informed Khadka. “Cricket’s management has always been weak. We have played like this for a long time and hoped that as Nepal Cricket climbs up it will improve as well, but nothing has changed. We want new CAN, we want change”, Khadka demanded.

“We are not here to tell who is good and who is bad in CAN. But the current management treats players like crap-no allowances for months, we stepped for contract system but it was never set up just like the players development fund.”, said Khadka. “For instance let’s take Prithu’s issue-CAN has been so irresponsible the players had to search for money for his treatment”. Prithu Banskota has been suffering from a knee injury which rendered him unfit for T20 World Cup. Banskota, former U-19 captain had been regular member of senior side since 2010.

Khadka also revealed that the national squad had received the sponsored equipment from B.S Sports just a week prior to the world cup, and the jersey just two day prior. “Every batsman had issues with the bat provided by B.S Sport”, Khadka echoed what Shakti Gauchan had said a few days back regarding bats from B.S sport. B.S sport is Nepal National Team jersey and equipment sponsor.

“The CAN is a careless and CORRUPT committee. The previous CAN left bank balance of 7 crore but now CAN only has 30 lakhs and there is no account about expenditure of the money.” Khadka revealed. He also informed that the national squad flew to Bangladesh in Economy Class Tickets despite ICC providing Business Class Tickets for each members “Its too much! We want an investigation on where money goes in CAN.”, said Khadka furiously requesting a CIAA investigation on the issue.


Khadka opined that Nepal Cricket could no way move forward with the current management. A country which reached the world cup riding on skills of 18 players doesn’t need 31 members in CAN’s central body. The volunteer system should be removed. We want people who work for CAN full time-if all members are compelled to work 9am-6pm in Cricket’s management then things will certainly improve”, Khadka suggested the solution.

“This conference is meant to voice our problems to Nepal Government. We want Nepal Government to push our issues. Our problem is CAN’s management. We want to be in conversation with Sports Ministry to ease the path for Nepal Cricket right away.”, Khadka clarified in the end.

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